Bulk Mail & Mail Production


Bulk Mail

The following requirements must be met for EACH job. If the bulk mailing does not meet these requirements or include the proper information, the mailing may be delayed:

  1. The mail must be sorted in zip code order, from lowest to highest. **OR check out our Print to Mail program. Let us do the work for you AND save you money!**
  2. A sample piece of the mailing for our records must be included for each separate job with the following attached:
    1. Index code (mailing barcode)
    2. Department contact name and phone number
    3. A description of the mailing (i.e., name of the mailing)
    4. Determination of "promotional" or "non-promotional" status of the mailing

In addition, the following are requirements of the US Postal Service. If the bulk mailing does not meet these requirements, postage may be substantially higher or the mailing may be rejected by the US Postal Service:

  1. A minimum of 200 pieces (or 50 lbs.) is required to process the mailing for Standard (bulk) mail postage discounts.
  2. Each piece must be identical in weight, content, and envelope size and color.
  3. Weight of one piece must be less than 16 ounces.
  4. "The University of New Mexico" must be spelled out on the TOP line of the return address OR the UNM logo may be used.
  5. International, First Class mail or campus mail may not be included in the mailing.
  6. The mailing cannot be printed on red, pink or fuchsia colored paper or envelopes.
  7. Any envelope larger than letter size must be sealed.
  8. Mail pieces may be sealed with tabs, but not with staples.
  9. Non-Profit Standard mailings cannot include advertisements in the content of the mailing.


Permit 39 has been assigned to The University of New Mexico (including the Health Sciences Center) by the United States Postal Service.

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Nonprofit Indicia                         


The "Nonprofit" indicia is a special Standard Bulk mail imprint with limitations on it's use. The mailing must be directly related to the mission of UNM and may not contain any advertising for any other company or organization. "The University of New Mexico" must be spelled out on the top line of the return address OR UNM's official logo may be used in the return address.Other logos need prior approval for use.

Standard Indicia

Presorted Standard

The "Presorted Standard" indicia may be used for mailings that do not meet the requirements for Nonprofit mail. These may be cooperative mailings with other companies or organizations and may have a return address or logo of another organization.

Presorted First Class Indicia

Presorted First Class

The "Presorted First Class" indicia may be used when First Class delivery service is desired and the mailing consists of 500 or more pieces. The result is a First Class mailing at discounted postage rates. This is an especially good choice for postcard size mailings (no more than 4.25" high by 6" long) since there is also a postcard processing category. The mailing list must be processed by Mailing Systems.

First Class Indicia

First Class

The "First Class" indicia may be used when First Class delivery service is desired and the mailing consists of 200 or more pieces. This is a good choice for mailings that do not meet the 500 piece minimum needed for Presorted First Class or if the mail will arrive at Mailing Systems already addressed. There is no discount on postage.

Move Update Requirements

The US Postal Service has identified “undeliverable as addressed” mail as a major expense and is enforcing policies to reduce the volumes of undeliverable or misdirected mail. The USPS is expanding and enforcing requirements titled “Move Update” which requires mailers who wish to qualify for discounted postage rates to certify that they have updated their address lists. These new regulations will affect how you prepare your bulk mailings. The ways in which Move Update will affect your bulk mailings and the options for compliance are outlined below.

For customers who use our Print to Mail service and provide us with an electronic address list, we have a new service we will be offering which will check your list against the National Change of Address database (NCOA). If anyone on your list has moved and submitted a forwarding order to USPS within the last 48 months, we will update your list with the new address information. This service generates a report for your records which also serves as documentation for USPS to confirm that your mailing complies with Move Update. There is no charge from us for this service. If you would like to use NCOA for your mailings, please visit our NCOA Information page. If, for whatever reason you do not wish to use the NCOA service, you may choose to add an ancillary endorsement to your mail piece instead. This option is described in part 2 below.
For bulk mail that has been submitted to Mailing Systems already addressed, an ancillary endorsement must be added to your mail pieces unless you are able to provide us with an NCOA report as described above. The report must be no older than 95 days. If you have not used NCOA to update your addresses, you must choose one of the ancillary endorsements to print on your mail piece. Please review the list of options and the resulting action taken by USPS if the recipient has moved or if the piece is undeliverable. Mailing Systems may be able to print the endorsement onto the mail piece for you if you do not have it pre-printed already.
You may choose to add "Or Current Resident" to the outgoing addresses of your mail pieces. If you choose this method, you will not be charged for undeliverable or misdirected mail, however, your mail pieces will not be forwarded by the USPS and you will not receive any notification.

Bulk mail customers must comply with Move Update regulations immediately in order for bulk mailings to be eligible for discounted postage rates.

Click here for more USPS move update requirements.


UNM Mailing Systems can check your list against the USPS National Change of Address database to ensure your mailing list is up to date and that you comply with the latest Move Update standards. If you are not sure if your mailing must meet these requirements or not, please read our Move Update information page first. To use this service, please follow these instructions:

After we process your mailing through NCOA, we can provide you an Excel file of any new addresses found if you wish to update your records with the new addresses.

Tabbing Requirements

Click here to go to the USPS rule on Folded Self-Mailer.