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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Do you sell stamps?
A. We do not sell stamps. You may use the Postal Kiosk at the north end of the Student Union Building. You may also visit the United States Postal Service at 115 Cornell Dr SE or at 1135 Broadway Blvd NE.

Q. How do I find a Mail Stop Code?
A. Mail Stop Codes are included in the UNM Directory.

Q. Can I change my Mail Stop Code?
A. An employee's MSC is based on his or her primary department assignment. Currently, this cannot be changed.

Q. Can I have my mail forwarded to another address?
A. Because the University has a unique zip code, the USPS is unable to forward our mail. Please provide your new address to contacts who send you mail. Please also give your new address to the department you are leaving and have them forward any remaining mail they receive for you.

Q. Can I receive personal mail at work?
A. UNM Mailing Systems handles only mail that pertains to University business. Please have all personal mail delivered to your home address. In addition, we DO pick up stamped mail from your department.

Q. Can you seal envelopes?
A. We can seal letter size envelopes. Larger envelopes must be sealed before submission to UNM Mailing Systems.

Q. How can I get more campus envelopes?
A. Campus envelopes may be purchased at the UNM Bookstore.

Q. Where is the nearest Post Office?
A. There are 2 convenient USPS locations:

115 Cornell Dr SE
1135 Broadway Blvd NE

You may also use our Self Service Postal Kiosk to ship packages and purchase stamps.It is located at the north end of the Student Union Building.

Q. Do you handle UPS, FedEx, Airborne Express or DHL packages?
A. UNM Mailing Systems deals mainly with the United States Postal Service and FedEx Express. Other vendors will deliver your package directly to the address indicated on the package.

Q.How many pieces of mail are required for a Bulk Mailing?
A. 200 pieces or 50 lbs of mail is the minimum requirement for a Bulk Mailing. Please visit our Bulk Mail page for complete Bulk Mail requirements and instructions.

Q. What do you mean by "Sample Piece" for Bulk Mail?
A. The sample piece is an actual piece of mail that we keep for our records. It is not an empty envelope, it needs to contain exactly what you are mailing. It does not need an address on it because it will not be mailed out.

Q. How will I be billed for sending USPS mail?
A. All mail submitted to UNM Mailing Systems for processing must have a postal stickie attached. The number on the stickie is the PR number to which the charges will be billed. Your department will receive a monthly invoice for that PR, indicating all transactions for the month.

Q. How do I order more barcoded Postal Stickies?
A. You may order more Stickies via our online order form. You may also call in your order to 277-4124. Please have your PR number and Mail Stop Code available.

Q. How do I prepare my Outgoing Mail for pickup?
A. Campus Mail, Domestic Mail, International Mail and Bulk Mail must all be bundled separately. Place a Stickie on Domestic and International Mail. Place a Stickie on the sample piece of your Bulk Mailing (see our Bulk Mail page for complete Bulk Mail preparation instructions).

Q. Where do I place the Stickie on my mail?
A. Place the stickie vertically on the left side of the mail piece under the return address.

Q. Do I need a Stickie on every piece of mail?
A. Only one Stickie is needed for each bundle of mail. If you are mailing a box or package that cannot be bundled, place a Stickie on each solo box or package.

Q. When do I use a customs form? Which form do I use?
A. International mail weighing less than 1 pound does not require a customs form, unless it is International Priority mail which requires a customs form regardlSess of weight. International mail weighing between 1 pound and 4 pounds requires the green and white "PS Form 2976". International mail weighing over 4 pounds requires the larger white "PS Form 2976-A". Please fill out the forms completely and attach to your package.

Q. Will my mail be processed on the same day it is picked up?
A. All Outgoing Mail, with the exception of Bulk Mail, will be processed and picked up by the USPS on the same day it is picked up from our regularly scheduled routes. Any mail brought to our facility must arrive before 3:00 pm for guaranteed same day processing. Bulk Mail will be processed within 3 business days of receipt.

Q. What if I need a "special pickup" out side of my scheduled route time?
A. No problem! Just give us a call at 277-4124 and let us know what you have for pickup and where it is located. We may also ask for additional information such as your PR# and how to contact you. There is NO FEE for special pickups!

Q. Is there a charge for a large or high volume pickup?
A. No! We pick up your mail and FedEx packages for FREE!

Q. What is the latest time I can bring my mail to Mailing Systems for same day processing and delivery to USPS?
A. Any mail brought to our facility must arrive before 3:00 pm for guaranteed same day processing, with the exception of Bulk Mail which will be processed within 3 business days of receipt.

Q. What are your hours?
A. We are open for business from 7:30 am until 4:30 pm Monday through Friday. We are closed for lunch between 11:30 noon and 12:30 pm every day.

Q. Are you open on weekends or Holidays?
A. We are closed for business on weekends and all University observed holidays. We hold abbreviated pick up hours during Winter Break. University departments will receive notice of these hours in memo form about one month before Winter Break begins.

Q. What time will Mailing Systems receive FedEx packages?
A. FedEx will deliver all UNM packages to our facility by 8:30 am Monday through Friday.

Q. Which departments will Mailing Systems serve?
A. Mailing Systems will receive packages for Main Campus departments within the boundaries of Central, Lomas, Girard and University with the exception of the Bookstore, Zimmerman Library and IT.  Main Campus departments not located within these boundaries will continue to receive deliveries directly from FedEx. The Health Sciences Center packages will continue to be delivered to the dock at 915 Camino de Salud and UNM Hospital packages will continue to be delivered directly to the Hospital dock. 

Q. Will I receive my packages at the same time I currently receive them from FedEx?
A.  UNM Mailing Systems will deliver packages according to FedEx service guarantees and policies.  First Overnight packages which are guaranteed to be delivered by 8:00 am will continue to be delivered by FedEx.  If delivery is not possible, FedEx will leave a notice at the department and then deliver the package to the Mailing Systems facility.  Your department may then choose to pick it up or it will be delivered with the Priority Overnight packages by the FedEx guaranteed time of 10:30 am.  All other overnight packages will be delivered by the FedEx guaranteed time of 3:00 pm.

Q. What if a package is improperly addressed or does not have a mail stop code?
A. Mailing Systems will utilize all available resources to determine the delivery point of packages.  We will not refuse packages due to an improper address or missing mail stop code.  If we cannot determine a delivery point, we will hold the package for three days to allow for inquiries.

Q. Will you handle FedEx Ground shipments?
A. No, items sent using the Ground method will continue to be handled by FedEx.

Q. How will you handle live specimens and temperature sensitive items?
A. Time sensitive and temperature sensitive shipments will be handled with extra care. Mailing Systems has a designated freezer and refrigerator prepared to store such items until they are picked up from our facility by FedEx. Mailing Systems’ staff has been trained to handle dangerous goods.

Q. What time will FedEx receive UNM’s outbound shipments that are picked up by Mailing Systems?
A. FedEx will pick up outbound packages each afternoon at 4:15 pm from the Mailing Systems facility.

Q. What is the latest time I can call Mailing Systems to pick up my FedEx packages?
A. Our last call for pickups will be 3:55 pm.

Q. What is the latest time I can bring my FedEx packages to Mailing Systems for same day pickup by FedEx?
A. Packages will need to be at our facility by 4:00 pm in order to be picked up that day by FedEx.

Q. Will I continue to be billed by FedEx for outgoing shipments?
A. Yes, your account with FedEx will not change.

Q. Are there drop boxes located on campus?
A. Yes there are three drop boxes: SUB – pickup at 3:05, Centennial Engineering – pickup at 3:20 and UNM Business Center – pickup at 3:20. Pickup times are also posted on the boxes.

Q. May we use the drop boxes to ship specimens and other packages with dry ice?
A. No, please call Mailing Systems at 277-4124 to arrange a pick-up.

Q. Can I still schedule pickups online via the FedEx website?
A. Yes, online is still the best way to prepare your outbound shipments.  Mailing Systems will be notified of your pickup request by FedEx.  You also have the option of calling us directly at 277-4124.

Q. Can I give my outbound FedEx shipments to a Mailing Systems route driver when they come to deliver the mail?
A. Yes, if your package is ready when your Mailing Systems courier arrives on your regular route schedule, they can pick it up for you at that time.

Q. How do I get supplies?
A. Mailing Systems will keep supplies stocked at our facility.  You may call us to request the supplies you need and we will deliver them to you.  You may also pick them up at our facility.