Incoming Mail

Reina Aragon, Supervisor

US Mail

Incoming U.S. Mail is picked up by Mailing Systems personnel each morning, Monday through Friday. The mail is then sorted and delivered to each department according to our route schedule.

Accountable Mail

All accountable types of mail such as Certified, Registered, Insured Mail and Express Mail are also picked up from the US Postal Service each morning. Accountable Mail will then be delivered by Mailing Systems personnel to the appropriate department. This mail is delivered to the same location as the mail drop NOT to an individual's room or building. A signature will be obtained from the department as proof of delivery.

FedEx (see FAQs for more details)

Four drop boxes are installed around campus for your convenience:

  • SRC Commons - behind front desk - pickup at 3:00
  • SUB - first floor near north entrance - pickup at 3:05
  • Centinnial Engineering Center - first floor near vending machines at south entrance - pickup at 3:20
  • John & June Perovich Business Center - first floor near south entrance - pickup at 3:20

Beginning June 1, 2011, UNM Mailing Systems will begin delivery of FedEx Overnight packages to Main Campus delivery points as well as certain off-campus locations. Read More...

"It has always been a campus goal to reduce the number of large delivery vehicles from the campus.  I strongly endorse any effort that brings us closer to this goal." - Mary Kenney, UNM Planning Officer

"The concerted effort to reduce the number of vehicles on campus walkways and malls will not only help the university reach its carbon reduction and sustainability goals, but will also reduce the liability, risk and property damage associated with the maneuvering of vehicles in an environment designed for pedestrians and bicyclist. " - Gary Smith, Assoc. Director of Environmental Services

"I believe that this would indeed reduce the number of vehicles on campus and allow for a better use of resources. Funneling deliveries through UNM Mailing Systems would certainly ... get packages delivered to the right place in a more efficient manner." - Mary Clark, Sustainability Program Specialist