Business Reply Mail (BRM) &
Meter Reply Mail

Business Reply Mail (BRM) is a smart choice for mailings in which a reply is requested from the recipient. To place an order for Business Reply Mail, please complete our online BRM order form.

BRM allows departments to receive First-Class Mail and Priority Mail back from recipients by paying postage only on the mail returned.  The cost of BRM is the appropriate First-Class postage plus a per piece fee for pieces returned by recipients.

When a BRM piece or label is needed, departments must consult with UNM Mailing Systems.  The piece must conform to a specific format to qualify as BRM, including an Intelligent Mail Barcode assigned by UNM Mailing Systems.  Your purchase requisition number is also printed in order for our office to charge back BRM costs to the appropriate department. Proofs for BRM need to be approved by UNM Mailing Systems and the USPS before printing.  Otherwise there will be extra costs incurred or the USPS will refuse to return those mail pieces to the University.


  • Makes it easy for your recipients to respond because postage is prepaid.
  • Pay only for the mail that is returned by your recipients.
  • Gives recipients time to fill out a survey or other information that is needed without pressure which encourages recipient feedback.
  • Provides a secure, private means of contact for you and your recipient.

Business Reply Envelope

Meter Reply Mail

Meter stamps may be used to prepay reply postage on Express Mail; Priority Mail (when the rate is the same for all zones); all First-Class Mail cards, letters, and flats up to a maximum of 13 ounces; single-piece Media Mail and Library Mail.

Meter Reply Mail is a good choice when you only have a few items that will be sent back to your department. Otherwise, for larger mailings, Business Reply Mail may be a better choice.

Please follow the procedures below to use Meter Reply Mail:

  • Design your Meter Reply envelopes according to the style and content of the example below.
  • Print the words “NO POSTAGE STAMP NECESSARY POSTAGE HAS BEEN PREPAID BY” directly above the address (this cannot be handwritten or stamped).
  • Bring your Meter Reply Mail pieces to our facility
  • Bring the Purchase Requisition number to which you would like the postage charged.
  • We will meter your envelopes while you wait. Please note: meter stamps used to prepay reply postage will not show the date.

Meter Reply Mail